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Cane to Coast Dentures is a denture clinic, owned and operated by Dental Prosthetist Scott Thomas and his wife Jules.

Scott has been providing prosthetic denture services to patients living in the Mackay and Sarina districts for over ten years and has been a registered Dental Technician for the past 30 years. Scott is also a registered Dental Prosthetist, having completed a Postgraduate Diploma of Clinical Dental Technology at the University of Otago. This allows him to see the public and provide many services, like new dentures, partial dentures, mouthguards, plus repairs and relines to existing dentures.

We provide payment plans and an instant claim service with HICAPS, so you can use your private healthcare card and have on the spot claims and just pay the balance. This allows even those who are having financial difficulties to get the dental care they need. Cane to Coast Dentures is fully registered with the Australian Dental Prosthetists Association.
The team at Cane to Coast Dentures knows how important it is to support not only local businesses but local communities as well. That’s why we have been a financial sponsor of Alligator Creek Taekwondo for many years. Cane to Coast Dentures can cater for all of your denture and mouthguard needs.
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Financial Assistance


At Cane to Coast Denturesl, not only do we offer fast on the spot claims with HICAPS, but we also provide discounts for seniors and healthcare members. Payment plans are available and can be tailored to suit your needs. We are also a registered Department of Veterans Affairs provider.



Fill out your forms in advance and have them ready for your appointment. This helps the process work much more smoothly and faster. If you have not been to our practice before, please feel free to click here to download our Patient Assessment.


Q: What are the problems associated with poorly fitting dentures?
A: Overtime, shrinkage occurs in the gum that supports your dentures or dentures are worn down and the lower jaw can move out of its correct position with the upper jaw. This can sometimes lead to several problems. For starters, the facial muscles can virtually collapse, giving the appearance of premature aging. Other symptoms which may occur, include:

  • Cracked & continually sore corners of the mouth
  • A dull pain in & around the ear
  • A clicking noise when chewing
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Burning sensation in the throat, tongue & side of the nose

  • When dentures are first inserted, they fit the gum snugly. There is no substitute for a well-fitted denture, and to make sure that you have no problems, always have your dentures checked regularly at Cane to Coast Dentures.
    Q: How do I care for my dentures?
    Q: How long should your dentures last?
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    Q: Should dentures be worn overnight?
    Q: Can I visit a Dental Prosthetist without a referral?
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    Dentist Area


    At Cane to Coast Dentures, our technicians are highly skilled craftsmen who take great pride in their work. We specialise in beautiful and functional crown & bridge implants and general prosthetics and have a wide range of experience in most of the platforms that are currently available. We are also fully digital and have in-house milling. We believe that ongoing training and education is an integral part of our operations. Our technicians know that natural looking prosthetics can improve the quality of someone's life, and are constantly refining our skills and keeping abreast with state-of-the-art technologies.

    We use the latest 3Shape Scanner and software and mill wet & dry in our VHF S1 Mill. We pay attention to detail and make sure your cases are handled with the care and diligence you expect, using only quality approved materials. Cane to Coast Dentures has a strict confidentiality policy to safeguard our customers privacy. We make what you want, the way you want it without a lot of extra charges. Below are our forms. The choice is yours to either... Print the form out first, after which you can then choose to scan and e-mail, fax or post your completed form through to us Fill out the form online first before printing it out
    Email: admin@canetocoastdentures.com
    Fax: 07 4956 1992
    Post: 70 Broad Street Sarina Queensland 4737

    Please make sure you have the latest Adobe Acrobat reader available HERE so you can view, print and/or fill out the form online.
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