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All children and adults who play sports where injury to their teeth is possible should wear mouthguards. The problem is, many find them uncomfortable and difficult to wear. Often this is because the mouthguards they are wearing are ill-fitting. You should get custom mouthguards vs those you’d find in a sporting goods store, as these are the most likely to offer a comfortable fit.

Custom designed mouthguards, which are available at Cane to Coast Dentures, are tailor-made to fit your mouth. This means you can close your mouth properly when you wear them and breathe more easily. Although they are far superior to big box mouthguards you’d find at most stores, they are surprisingly affordable starting at just $99 (some of which, depending on your private health insurance, you can get back).

Cane to Coast Dentures lead dental technician and dental prosthetist, Scott Thomas, states, that: "Custom-made mouth guards greatly reduce the chances of tooth damage and also absorb the impact, which may result in a damaged jaw and concussion.” Having the right mouthguard can mean the difference between serious injury and making it out of a scuffle unscathed.

We are able to custom-make mouthguards for all ages, so you can come and have one fitted whether you are an adult, teen or child playing sport. We can also customise your guard based on the sport you play. If you play hockey for example, we make the guard with more layers, making it even more robust.

Best of all, Cane to Coast Dentures has a wide range of colours and patterns for you to choose from.

Cane to Coast Dentures can make mouthguards out of the Sarina Crocodile colours or the Cowboys or just about anything you want. Let us know what you want, and we’ll get to work on your custom mouthguards.